Tuesday, August 5, 2008

To be continued, or not??

I know, I'm pretty terrible at blogging. I can read a bunch of 'em daily, but when it comes to mine, I have little desire to do it. I can't decide if I should continue or not. One thing I'd love to know (if anyone's still checking in) is how to mom blogger's who update frequently--as in almost daily--do it? Where do you fit it in your schedule? Does having a laptop solve the problem?

I'm not a good photographer, in style or in remembering...I probably have 5 pictures to document our wonderful summer, so that's another problem. I'm not clever enough to blog without a picture as my subject.

I'm debating heavily whether to keep this up or not. Let me know how you do it!


Trina said...

If you have looked at our blog lately you know, I'm still trying to figure out the same thing. I think I'm worse off than you though, try going 4 months without blogging. I have really been thinking about stopping as well. I love to hear from you but if you stop I'll totally understand!


Teachermom said...

I'm going to be sad if you quit your blog! But then again, if you keep up with Facebook, maybe that's easier and works just as well?

mollie said...

Here is the way it works.(well, for me, anyway...)

1. Put kiddos in bed.
2. Pour a glass of wine.
3. get the laptop out and open your blog. (not facebook)
4. sip wine
5. Suddenly you feel creative.
6. Write. write about anything. people who are looking at your blog just like to hear about everyday stuff. what you are doing..the kids funnies...your house projects...etc
7. finish wine, push post and go to bed.
8. wake up the next day and be so thankful that you have friends who comment on your blog!

(the wine explains all my typos, huh?!?)

Crew Mom said...

PLEEEEEASE don't stop...your picts are all I have...Its bad enough you moved across the world, you cannot stop posting picts of a family adore and yet see almost never!!!!! I blog either after kids are in bed, or once they are working on something contently...and while Ky is sleeping...and I agree with Mollie...everyday stuff..and words without picts are better than no words!I've gotten bad lately, but vow to get back once I'm down here schooling all day again! I am sooo sorry about your rib!!!!!!!!!!!! OUUUUCCCCHHHHHHHHHHH! I'll email long later...love ya!!!

Darcy said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog the other day. :) I can hardly believe I've kept up with my blog for 2 years now. Being so far away from family is a big motivator. I used to send out an email every now and then with pics of the kids and what we are busy with but they like the blog a lot better. I'm not a journal keeper or a scrapbooker. My children have baby books that are barely written in so blogging has become my way of documenting all of the things that I want to remember. I keep the digital camera on the counter in the kitchen where it is easily accessible for 'blogworthy' moments. :)

mollie said...


Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home said...

Jolie, do not quit! When I first started a blog, it had 3 posts in 6 months. I just didn't get it at first. Then I started again and have kept up with it, different levels of posting at different times. I agree with Michelle: if you move a million miles away, you must give us a way to keep in touch with you!

Darcy said...

Hi Jolie,

I just wanted to let you know that I am replying to your comments on my blog in the comments section of the post as well. Your blogger acct isn't set up with a reply email address. It seems like I've emailed you before but I can't find the address. ???

I'm so glad you've commented lately. It's fun to know that people are actually reading my blog! :)

Classical Conversations said...

Don't give up!

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